Greatest Love ever Known

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Yan Agape
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Greatest Love ever Known

Greatest Love ever Known: Lord God who created us and sustained us with the Holy Spirit and all the blessings which make us successful in life has died for us, redeeming us from our sin and giving us eternal life through Christ Our Lord.

Holy Week: Monday, April 2-Saturday, April 7, Easter Vigil is a time we should make every effort to attend Mass and perform sacred activities (praying and doing penance for sinners, souls in purgatory, etc.), preparing our heart and mind to rise up from sin and spiritual death with Our Risen and ever Living God, Jesus Christ, on Easter, Sunday.

To help you go through this Holy Week with all heart and soul: Every time you got discouraged and annoyed with the length of the Mass and this week sacred activities, think of how you enjoy spending 2-3 hours watching your favorite movies or talking to your friends.
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